Rebecca Kryger – Designer Behind The Jewelry Brand Alexandra Nora…























My good friend Rebecca Kryger lives in Cape Town and she’s enjoying life ( as you can see on the picture above)! She posted a picture of her coffee, with a bird in the foamed milk?!?! How the heck is that done??

She’s the owner and Designer behind Alexanda Nora. Her jewelry is most recognizable for the dark african tree, and all pieces are handcarved in Cape Town. 




Vogue Russia September Issue 2010 – Fancy Pig with Diamonds, Emeralds and Sapphires!


Last Year the editor of Vogue Russia, Allona Doletskaya, was leaving the magazine and the September issue was to be her last! I have never seen a pig be so fashionable and adorable and the same time! I wouldn’t mind having a small pig run around the house with expensive jewelry – It had to be housebroken, of course, AND promise me that it would never eat the jewelry!



I Love What She’s Wearing: Bright Colors & Animal Prints

Olivia Palermo, who we all know from ‘The City’ has really been rocking the fashion industry the last couple of years!… If she’s not modelling for the most recognised Designers, she keeps her blog updated with fashion delights for us to get inspired, among many other projects, wich I always look forward to read!

Here is a piece I found on her blog…. It’s so true!

‘Pairing an animal print with a bright color may cause some to cower in fear, but as Olivia demonstrates, there is nothing to be afraid of- so long as you follow a few simple rules:  Be sure to anchor with neutral accessories, and keep either your pant or top tailored – ensuring a grown-up, put together look.’

Here a couple of examples that she put together. It looks great! 

Source: I Want What She’s Wearing: Bright Colors & Animal Prints | Olivia Palermo.


A night out… Animal style.

I was browsing to find the perfekt outfit for a night out with the girls…. This is the ensemble I WISH I could purchase now and hear, but I’ll keep it for next time. Althoug, I bought the Mulberry wallet… I was desperately needing a new one!

What do you think of my ensemble?


Source:, Yves Sait Laurent (Dress), Emilio Pucci (Coat), Rachel Zoe (Heels), Mulberry (Wallet), Alcozer & J (Ring)

WELCOME To my blog Lions and Wolves!

Finally!… I have been talking about it, thinking about it and pondering over wether I should or should not launch my own blog…. So here it is! I have always had an endless passion for the animal kingdom, and how it has inspired us (me) in fashion, home decorating and other aspects of our lives.

I hope you will follow me on my blog journey…

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