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If you haven’t heard about ADELAIDE JEWELLERY, then keep on reading, because this is going to be the next big high-end jewellery brand!

My good friend Adelaide Minch has her own jewellery brand, Adelaide Jewellery. She and I go way back, and I’m so very proud of her (always have been) and that boutiques all around the world are recognizing her and her beautiful collection. I have attached some pictures from her collection, my favorites are of course inspired by animals.  All pictures are linked to her website – so give it a click and see more about Adelaide Jewellery!

Also, the last picture of her and I is from a trip we took to New York a couple years back. We’re sitting at one of my favorite restaurants in Soho, Balthazar restaurant. Check out one of my earlier post to see more about Balthazar and NY, HERE.

Source: Adelaide Jewellery

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The Fashionable Miss Piggy


While she may technically be a sow, Miss Piggy, is nothing if not a clothes horse! How chic is she in all those fancy clothes!! The november 2011 issue of  InStyle had an eight-paged fashion spread with the former beauty queen and one of our all time favorites from The Muppets!

Check out the Leopard printed pumps from Brian Atwood…. wow!

Source: Instyle

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The Horse Rider’s Journal – A gorgeous magazine

The Horse Rider’s Journal. Current Issue. (Feb 2012)

Photograph by Norman Parkinson, A photo of The Duchess of Feria, Barbados 1982.

Old Hollywood: Iconic James Dean and Elizabeth Taylor, Giant 1955.

Horse-riding aluminum and composite helmet, 2012 Chanel Sport collection.

Hérmes AD Campaign

The Spanish Riding School in Vienna, 1952.

A came across The Horse Rider’s Journal wether day. For all you horse lovers – This is the magazine for you!

It’s an international magazine about equestrian lifestyle and fashion. The beautiful pictures above are from either the magazine or their Facebook page. They are very true to their idea and they have great articles about, what’s happening in the equestrian world. It brings back memories from, when I was younger and went horseback riding, as well as my mother had many horses and my father played Polo.

What do you think of the mag?

Source: HERE
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New York, New york! The city that never sleeps..

Tao Restaurant, NY.

Balthazar Restaurant, NY Soho.

A must have when I’m in New york. A club sandwich.. Yummi!

As usual I have to pass by Topshop in Soho and…

… Barneys.

A picture from one of my previous trips….I really do love a good club sandwich. (as you can see..)


New York, also known as ‘The empire state’… Is among my 3  favorite places in the world! (doesn’t everybody feel the same way…?!) Not only is the city a crazy and inspiring place, but I also have family living that I miss very much! And that’s why I will be booking my ticket to the big apple soon! YAY!

I added some pictures of the shops, restaurants and a club sandwich that I always visit to shop and eat, when I’m in NY!!



I wish I was wearing tonight

Blazer: DOLCE & GABBANA – shop here

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Blouse: MARC by MARC JACOBS – shop here

Pouch: MARC JACOBS – shop here

Wedges: BERTIE – shop here

Earrings: AURÈLIE BIDERMANN – shop here

What do you think?

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