Kmunch Store in Copenhagen / Men’s Apparel / Bjørg Jewellery / Animal Print

Altmont t-shirt with animal print & Bjørg Jewellery

Bjørg Jewellery

Take a look at this princesse! CUTE

Kmunch is a small but very cool mens store, based in Copenhagen – so this post is for you danes or you guys that might be taking a trip to Copenhagen. My boyfriend and I passed by the other day and as always we got a big welcome from the owners little princesse (as you can see in the picture above)! As we walked in the store I noticed (of course) all kinds of animal prints, but mostly I couldn’t get my eyes of the Bjørg jewellery! The ring with the three birds is very edgy and would be a perfect addition to my jewelry collection, but unfortunately a bit to expensive for my shopping budget this Month…. Luckily, it’s pay day very soon! YAY!

So if you are in CPH I can definitely recommend this store for the men! I almost forgot… Many pieces of Bjørg jewelry are unisex.

More about Kmunch HERE

More about Bjørg Jewellery HERE


Les Vacances Sous Le Soleil S’il Vous Plaît! / Vogue Paris April 2012

Vogue Paris April 2012 Cover – Doutzen Kroes By David Sims

So here I am, sitting inside and working my but off  (don’t get me wrong I LOVE what I do), while the only thing on my mind is SUNHINE, BEACH, SUMMER ENSEMBLES, GOOD FOODS and much much more….

I was browsing the net for inspiration and reading my usual blogs and fashion updates, when I came across this incredible photo editorial of Magdalena Frackowiak by Lachlan Bailey for Vogue Paris (April 2012) and my erge for a vacation rised to the roof!!!

Isn’t she gorgeous? The location seems breathtaking!

Source: Here

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Visit from Barcelona / Leopard Print Jeans / Pauric Sweeney Python Bag / Bird Tattoo

My good friend Nathasja Kühnell with leopard jeans and Pauric Sweeney python bag.

Her lovely swallow tattoo.

Silence + Noise leopard print jeans via

My very good friend Nathasja lives in Barcelona, but has been in Copenhagen the last 2 weeks to touch ground with her family and all of us that miss her here in Denmark! She’s leaving back tomorrow and she passed by for a morning coffee and a kissed good bye. I had to take a picture of her outfit… Loving her leopard printed jeans, Pauric Sweeney python bag and her lovely tattoo!!

Silence+Noise, LEOPARD PRINT JEANS – Shop here>

Pauric Sweeney, PYTHON BAG – Shop here>

MSL Peep Show Party / Adidas Leopard Sneaks / Animal Print Jeans


The band – Brother Grimm

Guest with leopar print jeans from H & M

I spotted these Adidas sneaks with Leopard print for men among many dancing feets….

Lovely Snake Print Jeans.

I was invited to a party that PR Company MSL Copenhagen held and the theme was ‘Peep Show’! The party was very creative and a great succes – They completely decorated their office, hired great live bands and free drinks all night! Kudos to the team behind MSL Copenhagen. I also found some great animal print pieces from some of the guests at the party. I’m crazy about those H&M leopard print jeans and those Adidas sneaks with leopard print. Unfortunately, I don’t know where the snake print jeans are from. All in all it was a great party!! Thanks MSL for the Peep Show… Wink wink! 😉

Visit MS&L Copenhagen >

Yesterdays Evening Ensemble

Vintager fur coat, Pauric Sweeney python bag, J Brand Jeans, Pink Happy Socks and Steve madden flats.

I was out for dinner with my boyfriend yesterday evening and here is my outfit. It’s still a bit cold here in Copenhagen, even though the sun was shining during the day….

Have a nice saturday you guys!

Animal Print Bikini Vs. Animal Print Swimsuit

1.  2. 3 4


5.67   8.

Spring is here and I’m desperately needing a vacation! I’m not sure of where my boyfriend and I will be enjoying some sunshine, drinks and good food… But one thing is sure I NEED A NEW BIKINI or SWIMSUIT!! I found these great Swimsuits and I thought maybe I should add a cute swimsuit to my summer wardrobe, even though I normally wear a bikini… I found the pieces and I can’t seem to make up my mind!

Wich one is your favorite?


1. Agent Provocateur, 180€ > Shop Here

2. Urban Outfitters, 37€ > Shop here

3. Agent Provocateur, 109€ > Shop here

4. Urban Outfitters, 42€ > Shop here


5. Agent Provocateur, 360€ > Shop here

6. Dsquared, 235€ > Shop here

7. Agent Provocateur, 360€ >Shop here

8. Urban Outfitters, 166€ > Shop here


Cartier // Collection Panthére de Cartier // Gorgeous jewelry

Bague Panthére by Cartier

Bracelet Panthére by Cartier

Earrings Panthére by Cartier

Discover the new Cartier film – L’Odyssé de Catier. Amazing!

Cartier…. I have so much respect and appreciation for their craftmanship! Cartier has existed and been succesful since 1847 and they are undefetable in their designs. Until this day, Cartier still doesn’t use any kind of technology to creat their jewelry. Everything is designed on paper, then handcrafted by several jewelry technitions and some of their pieces can take op to a year before they are finished and ready to either be sold or put op for auction. Even though, Cartier jewelry’s prices are unreachable for the most of us, I still like to comfort myself that one day in the near future I would love to purchase a piece or two from their Panthére collection, which I adore!!… Also, the designs are practically a reflection of my personality, I think.

Source: Cartier

Find Me on Pinterest

Hi Guys,

I have finally surrendered to Pinterest! It’s a fun way to make your own visuel board with all kinds of themes and I am of course keeping my animal inspiration theme… I have attached screen dumps of  3 out of 7 boards. Enjoy…

So if you are on Pinterest, then I hope that you will follow me. Here is my Username : Thewulff


Vogue Cover Sketches With Humor / Karl Lagerfeld / Carine Roitfeld / Anna Wintour / Terry Richardson / Alexsandro Palombo

Vogue Sketch With Karl Lagerfeld and Carine Roitfeld

Vogue Sketch with Terry Richardson and Carine Roitfeld

Cover of Anna Wintour and Terry Richardson on Vogue

Vogue Cover with Carine Roitfeld and Anna Wintour. 

Vogue Cover With Carine Roitfeld. Sketch

I came across a blog called ‘Humor Chic’. The Blogger, Alexsandro Palombo, is a daily society portrait blogger and the best at illustrated fashion chronicles. I found some of his humoristic Vogue covers with well known and respected designer, Karl Lagefeld (Chanel). The provocative photographe Terry Richardson and fashion Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour (Vogue US) and former Editor-in-Chief Carine Roitfeld (Vogue French). I think that they are edgy with ought being vulgar and still remaining respect for the individuals.

What do you think about these illustrations by Alexsandro Palombo?

Source: Humor Chic

Lovely, Luring Leopard Style…. Ggrrr

1. Leopard sunglasses 21€ > Shop here

2.Brian Atwood Leopard print ankle boots 395€ > Shop here

3. Dolce & Gabbana Blazer 843€ >Shop here

4. Dolce & Gabbana mini clutch, leopard print 161€ > Shop here

5. Motel Rocks shirt 47,50€ > Shop here

6.Agent Provocateur leopard gloves 400€ > Shop here

7.Dolce & Gabbana iPhone cover  79€ > Shop here

8.Adidas Originals leopard tail sneaks 165€ > Shop here

9. Happy Socks 8€ > Shop here

10. Yves Saint Laurent leopard top handlebag 1745€ >Shop here

Leopard prints are without a doubt my favorite kind of print! Leopard print can be used in any occasions wether you just want to spice up your casual look or if you want to add some exquisiteness to your ensemble! I wish all the items in the picture were mine!!

Which one is your favorite?

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