Birthday Ensembles






I attended a birthday party yesterday and a birthday brunch today.. Jeez!.. I have stuffed myself with loads of cakes and delicious foods!… The 2 first pictures are yesterday’s ensemble and the rest of the pictures are from today! Hope you like my style #animalprintlovers!?
Have a nice weekend!

Fridays ensemble: DOLCE & GABBANA top, J BRAND jeans, TECHNOMARINE watch, APROSIO & CO bracelets.

Saturdays ensemble: SET coat, ZARA top, IRO shorts, BALENCIAGA ballerina, LEOWULFF snake necklace, BALENCIAGA sunglasses.


Fancy Fashion Animals

I love animals!

If you have any great pictures of “fashion” animals or fancy animals, PLEASE send them to me… I would love to see them or post them on my blog..

Have a nice friday evening!

Source: My pinterest account

Street-Style Pictures Gone Animal in Florence | Pitti Fair June 2012 | Part 2/2







Here are the rest of my street-style pictures from Florence… Giving a large and happy smile in the last picture! Enjoy guys!


The Leopard’s Working Home Today..




Working home today in one of my fave cardigans with sassy #leopardprint and embroidered ‘heartbreaker to die for..’ on the back. Can’t run from the truth..
Have a nice day!

Wearing: SPY cardigan, SACK’S white t-shirt, HALÉ BOB black pant.

Melissa | Blogger | Feedmyego | Snakeskin pants

Have you heard about the blog… No?!

 The girl behind this blog is a good friend and a wonderful person! You know the kind you always want to hug (crunch) and admire her great looks and not to forget her amazing humor! Yup, That’s Melissa… SO, as I was browsing her blog a came across a post from January, where she’s looking very hot, and of course I love the snakeskin pants.

She’s wearing: Zara snakeskin pants, vintage shirt and jacket, Dr. Denim beanie and RayBan sunglasses.

Source: Here

Street-Style Pictures Gone Animal in Florence | Pitti Fair June 2012 | Part 1/2

So, as you know, I was in Florence last week. A wonderful mix of business and pleasure… In between exciting meetings and trying to keep out of the sun (42 degrees), I managed to take some of my own street-style pictures. Of course, I was mainly interested in getting snaps of fashion people wearing animal prints… Part 2 of my lot of pictures will be posted soon.

What do you think of my pictures?


Mulberry Monsters!

A Forest Fairytale, Mulberry Autumn Winter 2012 campaign shot by Tim Walker.

I love fairytales, and I really think that this is an amazing idea for a campaign! Super creative and full of fantasy… Those monsters look soooo cute and soft.

Source: Mulberry

Gucci, Balenciaga, Madonna and Goodbye Florence






Sorry, but I’m not at all done telling you about my stay in Florence!
Here are some pictures of my new shoes from Gucci and Balenciaga! Yummi!.. And guess what!! Since Madonna apparently had a concert in Florence and is also filming a video for a new song.. I spotted her, in Florence! How cool is that!?! Isn’t that picture good! She really looks great!
And last but not least a picture of some of my dearest friends, whom also was in the City for business and pleasure.
Our last night out.. Arrivederci!

Street style pictures from Pitti coming soon!

Pitti Fair, Italian Food And Flash mob






Hi Guys, so today I had another exciting day in lovely Florence! I had a meeting at 11am and after that I visited the Pitti Fair in Florence… Omg! First of all, the weather here is 40 degrees.. So hot! But still, people at the fair were looking extremely good and fashionable! I took loads of street style pictures with animal prints that I will show you when I get back! I even got a picture of the famous blogger The Sartoriolist.. Cool right!! And just before I left the fair there was a flash mob.. Fun stuff and not something you see everyday!

Later during the day, some friends and I had dinner.. I was crazy about their plates!

Now, I’m going to get ready for dinner! It’s my last night in Florence.. So we are going to have some fun!

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