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Lala Berlin | Copenhagen

I passed by the Lala Berlin shop in Copenhagen, and found many goodies that I wish could be mine…! 1 because the quality is delicious, and 2 because they have animal print everywhere – LOVE! As you can see I found the pieces that I like the most. I can certainly recommend that you pass by their store if you’re in Copenhagen, because their personale are amazing and extremely kind!  I wish I could rock the red falcon print dress, wolf bag with my leopard boots this saturday…  I’m going to a christmas party (.. with the girls… yeeehhaaaa)…. Dear Santa, early present maybe??

Visit Lala Berlin HERE

My Style | Sequin pants & Leopard Boots

This outfit was from last week, just before I left for Paris… I had a date with my good friend Rebecca, the designer behind Alexandra Nora (her jewellry are being sold on Leowulff.com),  just a casual late afternoon coffee! Wednesday, friend-date and coffee… HHhmmm, that calls for fancy sequin pants and my new (all time favorite) leopard print ankle boots!

Have any of you also purchased the leopard boots?

Wearing: CHANEL bag, ZARA leopard print boots, THE WARDROBE sequin boots & taupe color top, MUNDERINGSKOMPAGNIET leather jacket.

Lala Berlin | The Sale Is On!…

Lala Berlin sale items


Lala Berlin Sale in Berlin –  *THE SALE IS ON!* Get selected styles on discount at Lala Berlin stores and online shop.

Hi Honeyz, I know, that I haven’t been very active on the blog the last couple of days…. 😦 But my trip to Paris was very busy.. but very good! So, today I will be working on the post that I will be showing you the next week… BUT because I haven’t been so active, I want to let you in on the Lala Berlin sales! Also, I passed by their shop last week, where I found my favorite pieces… Coming soon! 😉


Visit their online shop – Lala Berlin

Street Style | Animal Face & Red Balenciaga

Mixing reds and animal prints is always very intens, and it translates sexy… I like it! But I think your personality should match this kind of mix… Confident, proud and sexy. Ggrrr… 😉

Source: Desdeelfrontrow.com, Muttonheadcollective.com, FashionMagazine.com, LaModellaMafia.com, Tumblr, Elle

*not my picture

The Newcomer | Leowulff



Have you seen my new bag?? Isn’t it gorgeous!? It’s one of the newcomers on my web-shop Leowulff.com… Soft, glamourous, spacious and of course the animal print is beautiful! I can fit my Mac 13″, a notebook and ALL my other girly stuff… YAY!

Ps. I’m going to Paris tomorrow! I have some interesting meetings.. 😉 As always, business AND pleasure! Can’t wait.. Updates coming soon!


Wearing: LEOWULFF soft leather animal print bag, CARIN WESTER coat, J BRAND jeans, ZARA ankle boots, VINCE cashmere scarf, vintage sunnies.

Street Style | Howl Like A Wolf!

AAAwwwwuuuuuuuuuuuuu!… I don’t know how to howl online, but this is definitely what I would feel like doing, every time I was wearing this blouse (if it were mine)! Wolf is my nickname, because my last name is Wulff…. So, I would really feel at home, if I had this item in my wardrobe! Maybe it should be my next fashion chase… ?! 😉

*not my pic

Source: Desdeelfrontrow.com, Muttonheadcollective.com, FashionMagazine.com, LaModellaMafia.com, Tumblr, Elle

Introducing The Wardrobe To My Wardrobe

Better late then never… 😉 Remember, I told you last week that I had gone a bit shop-balistic… Weeeeell, here they are… A danish brand called The Wardrobe, design amazing clothing at ZARA prices… I fell completely for these pieces! The sequin pants give that pasazze that I love, and the blue/purple color is simply gorgeous to wear! The leather skirt is never a risk, but more a must-have… I already have a leather pencil skirt, but now I have a mini skirt! The python print maxi dress was a necessity for me to own!… Can you feel it?! Puuuuuure happiness is being transfered through my words!!… <3!


Ps. The loafers are from Steve Madden. They are not new, just thought they would look good in the pictures.. 😉

Brand: The Wardrobe

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