The woman behind Lions and Wolves

I have always had an endless passion for the animal kingdom, and how it has inspired us in fashion, home decorating and other aspects of our lives.

So, I have decided to blog about it!

I’m the Creative Director behind the webshop/website LEOWULFF.com. As a devoted search engine  to fashion, Leowulff brings together the most fashionable stores and the best brands allowing users to cross-shop fashion apparel, home decorating and other accessories — all in one place. Featuring products from the established designer brands to up and coming designers. 

With a solid background of 8 years working in the PR- and fashion industry I have taken my own charge.  I have been hunting online-stores from all over the world to seek out the best animal prints. Being born in France and living in major cities in Europe and the US with my family, I have come know the best places to shop. 

Follow me on my journey of inspirational animal prints and designs from friends, familly and occasional strangers that I meet on my path…

Wether it’s a personal, business request or just gossip, please contact me on the mail below.



All the best.


5 responses

  1. I just found your blog and I LOVE it! Amazing. I’ve always loved animal prints and all my friends (that are now rocking the leopard print) used to accuse me of being to Euro-trash. I secretly took it as a compliment.

  2. Hi, Thanks! Always a pleasure to share the same passion! You should also take a look at my web shop – Leowulff.com! I only sale and offer accessories with animal prints!
    Ps. Euro-trash… No. Great style… YES!

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