NEW IN | Christian Louboutin Booties!!

NEW IN - Christian Louboutin booties with tassels.

NEW IN – Christian Louboutin booties with tassels.

NEW IN - Christian Louboutin booties with tassels.

NEW IN – Christian Louboutin booties with tassels.

NEW IN - Christian Louboutin booties with tassels.

NEW IN – Christian Louboutin booties with tassels.

Here they are! Aren’t they just AMAZING!? I must say, I’m very lucky that my “private photographer” has a ‘crush’ on me… 😉 These are my very first Loubis (yay),  and I must say, that it’s not the ‘cliché’ pair of  shoes, but a more ‘I want to look loubylicious everyday kinda look..!’. I’m so excited about my new boots and can’t wait to mix them up, with all kinds of outfits, that I entend on posting on my blog of course.. 🙂


Get these beauties HERE

Up&down | 3 Animal Prints


20121223-223304.jpgHere’s me and my outfit from friday. I’m rocking 3 different animal prints, all in one.  3 different prints, is upping my daily dose of animal prints and it’s all good! 😉

What do you think? 

Wearing:  LEOWULFF LABEL leopard print calfhair bag, CARIN WESTER coat, ZARA leopard legging, PAVEMENT snake print boots, VINCE cashmere loop scarf.

My Style | Layering and Prints





The other day, I was in the heart of Copenhagen, looking for christmas presents… It wasn’t snowing at that point, but it was still cold! Trying to keep warm and feel like a fashionista, I decided that, layering is the way to go, and adding a “few” prints here in there doesn’t hurt.. 😉 

Keep warm sweethearts…. 


Wearing: LEOWULFF  leopard print calfhair handbag, BUTTERO high boots, one of a kind print coat from Israel, H&M hoodie and gloves, VINCE cashmere scarf.

My Style | Sequin pants & Leopard Boots

This outfit was from last week, just before I left for Paris… I had a date with my good friend Rebecca, the designer behind Alexandra Nora (her jewellry are being sold on,  just a casual late afternoon coffee! Wednesday, friend-date and coffee… HHhmmm, that calls for fancy sequin pants and my new (all time favorite) leopard print ankle boots!

Have any of you also purchased the leopard boots?

Wearing: CHANEL bag, ZARA leopard print boots, THE WARDROBE sequin boots & taupe color top, MUNDERINGSKOMPAGNIET leather jacket.

The Newcomer | Leowulff



Have you seen my new bag?? Isn’t it gorgeous!? It’s one of the newcomers on my web-shop… Soft, glamourous, spacious and of course the animal print is beautiful! I can fit my Mac 13″, a notebook and ALL my other girly stuff… YAY!

Ps. I’m going to Paris tomorrow! I have some interesting meetings.. 😉 As always, business AND pleasure! Can’t wait.. Updates coming soon!


Wearing: LEOWULFF soft leather animal print bag, CARIN WESTER coat, J BRAND jeans, ZARA ankle boots, VINCE cashmere scarf, vintage sunnies.

S for Sneakers Opening – The rest…

Here are the rest of the pictures from yesterday… I had my good friend rebecca, whom I mention quite often, and she was wearing some VERY cool sneaks from New Balance. I must say, that the guys behind this store did a great job! Good looking sportswear, funky sneaks and delish food and beverages!

Oh, and what do you think of the overloaded bee print jacket? Too much or just right?

S for sneaker website  and they are located here – Pilestræde 52, 1112 Copenhagen

Bee print jacket from Hummel x Master-piece – (Picture from

Wearing: LEOWULFF LABEL snake print bag, AMERICAN RETRO jacket, AMERICAN RETRO leopard fingerless gloves, DAY BIRGER ET MIKKELSEN jeans, PAVEMENT snake print boots.

Leopard Print Booties On Rebecca



20121005-091418.jpg One of my dear and wildest friends – Rebecca Kryger – also known as the designer behind Alexandra Nora has just purchased these amazing leopard print booties from Aren’t they gorgeous!!? I think she looks hot! Elegant, simple and raw at the same time! Exquisit!
That shoe is already out of stock! Find a similar leopard print boot HERE

Total Print Mania | Vogue Spain Sept.2012

Daga Ziober in the editorial ‘Total Print’ in Vogue Spain September 2012 by Andreas Sjödin and styling Melanie Huynh.

I’m BLOWN away by the boots in the last pictures by Tom Ford!!! Tom Ford is a fabulous designer… I think, that if I just tried to consider finding these boots, my visa card would simples burn to ashes immediately… 

Please Be Mine

Wednesday… I can never figure out wether it’s a good day or a bad day!? Anyways, I choose to give my day a high by browsing beautiful clothing that I wish were mine!! buhuuu.. 😉 Here’s what I wish I could shop with out thinking about it…

I have linked all the product pictures directly to and So if you can afford it go right ahead… 🙂

Today’s Designers: HELMUT LANG pullover, MULBERRY tiger print shirt, ACNE high-waist skirt, CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN safety boots, LEOWULFF LABEL snake print tote bag.

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