Topshop animals

Topshop animals

Topshop bodycon dress / Topshop / Topshop high waisted shorts / Topshop leather slipper / Topshop metal ring


Sunglasses – high & nice price

Sunglasses - high & nice price

Linda Farrow Luxe linda farrow / Illesteva cat eye sunglasses / Illesteva round sunglasses, $305 / House of Harlow 1960 / ASOS sunglasses / Topshop plastic sunglasses / Sunglasses / ASOS sunglasses, $18

Animal fusion meets asia

Animal fusion meets asia

Friis & Company woven shirt, $75 / White tube top, $14 / River Island light weight jacket, $53 / Boutique pencil skirt / People Tree pencil skirt, $58 / Topshop high heel wedge sandals, $150 / Topshop / Zara gemstone earrings / Bead jewelry, $18

My Style | Casual Night Outfit 2/2

I’m in the hotel room now getting ready to leave to the airport and go back home to Copenhagen… The pictures above are the rest of my outfit from friday night… My look is casual, but I’m spicing it a bit with my orange jacket, shimmer top, spikey ear piece and my crocodile embossed wallet. I rarely have my hair up, because my back-head is flat… Buhuuu and a little funny! You can really notice it in pic.5… πŸ™‚ I’m going to take pictures of aaalll my new clothes later today… YAY!! I found SO many amazing pieces and there coming on the blog sooooon! πŸ˜‰

Wearing: LEOWULFF LABEL crcoco embossed wallet, ZARA orange jacket, TOPSHOP shimmer top, J BRAND jeans, PAVEMENT boots, ASOS ear piece, NAIL CPH manicure,

My Style | Casual Night Outfit

Hi Guys, I’m soooo sorry that I haven’t been as active on the blog lately, but being in Stockholm and working like horse, I simply haven’t had the time! BUT that’s about to change… I’m going back to Copenhagen tomorrow and I’m actually looking to get back and chill a bit!.. Anyways, here’s a peak of my outfit from friday, more coming later.


Wearing: LEOWULFF LABEL crocodile embossed wallet, ZARA jacket, TOPSHOP glimmer top, LINE & JO earring.


My Style On A Cold Sunday.

Darlings, it’s really starting to get cold in Copenhagen! Last sunday, I was at the racing track with my mother and boyfriend. This was my sunday-keep-warm-outfit, that turned out to be a bit foolish, since it was around 2-5 degress celsius… Outch!

Wearing: My beloved LEOWULFF snake print bag, VERSACE sunglasses,Β MUNDERINGSKOMPAGNIET leather jacket, IRO cardigan, TOPSHOP shimmer top, VERO MODA skirt, WOLFORD hosiery, BUTTERO suede boots, H&M fingerless gloves.

My Style | Blue and Leopard print (2/2)

As I promised… Here are the rest of the pictures from my outfit from friday… I wore my new blue leopard cap (that I recently purchased), because I was having a baaaaad hair day! I hope you all know the feeling and can relate…?!:-) Anyways, I hope you like my outfit and I wish all you animalprintlovers a gorgeous Sunday!… Me, I’m staying in! I have the meanest hangover… woops!


Wearing: ALEXANDRA NORA skull necklace, LEOWULFF LABEL crocodile leather clutch/wallet, MUNDERINGSKOMPAGNIET leather jacket, TOPSHOP gray t-shirt, ZARA blue pencil skirt, H&M blue leopard cap, DEAR DENIER leopard print hosiery, DOLCE VITA loafers.

My Style | Blue and Leopard print (1/2)

Yesterday, I had such a busy day! As I have mentioned before I’m working on a fashion charity project with Danish Red Cross Β for and I was running around the city, from one side to the other, to find Β clothing tailors and leather tailors for the 3 unique accessory items, that will be auctioned away to a charity ball and all the money will be donated to West Africa and Syria. The 3 items that I will be creating, need to have mixed materials. Recyclable materials from Red Cross stores and new materials, but the main focus of these items and this event isΒ recycling.Β The charity ball and auction will take place the 9th November, at the beautiful Odd Fellow palace and theΒ dress-codeΒ is black tie. So not only was I running around to find tailors, but I was also interviewing different up-and-coming designers to design a dress for the event… I will post pictures soon Β of the different garments and leather I will be using in my dress…

Here’s a peak of my outfit yesterday… I will post the rest tomorrow.

Have a lovely saturday, darlings!

Wearing: Β ALEXANDRA NORA skull necklace, LEOWULFF LABEL crocodile leather clutch/wallet, MUNDERINGSKOMPAGNIET leather jacket, TOPSHOP gray t-shirt, ZARA blue pencil skirt.



Stockholm Here I Come


Good afternoon darlings, so, as you can see on the pictures, I’m on my way to Stockholm… Business and pleasure, always a great mix! Don’t worry, I’ll keep you posted..
Have a wonderful sunday!

Wearing: CHANEL bag, BALENCIAGA traveler, AMERICAN RETRO jacket, TOPSHOP t-shirt , VILA CLOTHES leopard print jeans, PAVEMENT boots, LEOWULFF LABEL snake necklace.

Shopping and Sunday Greetings

Always a pleasure to spend my sunday with my friend Rebecca, but I’m sure my bank doesn’t feel the same way… Oops! While we were going for a walk, we went browsing in a department store called Magasin. It was all good, until she fell for these new New Balance sneaks and I ended up purchasing 2 dresses from Topshop. I have only posted a picture of one of the dresses… Just to keep your interest AND they forgot to remove the alarm! Damn…. I hope your having a cozy sunday!

Sunday greetings from Rebecca and I!

PS. Pictures of me wearing the dress coming soon.


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